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Our Story...


Good day!

My name is Lady Christiana, founder of It's My Tea Party. 

It started out by hosting a very good friend’s baby shower with a "tea party" theme.  In attempt to save cost on a tea room and catering services, I started planning for a DIY tea party.  You would think it would be easy, and I would find all the tea sets and tea pots I needed in the local Goodwill. NOPE. I scoured every GoodWill, Salvation Army, flea market, antique store, classified ad, consignment store, estate sale, and Craigslist ad in the greater San Diego area! There was even a time I had an antique owner on speed dial. This event was literally consuming me against my will. haha. 

Then, the event day was here.  Thank God, the baby shower tea was a success.  The guest of honor and her guests were delighted. They could not stop talking about the elegance of the tables and their selected tea cups for the day.  I was even told that this was "my calling." 

Days later, the reality settled in, the dreaded post-event aftermath. I was surrounded by lots of china, beautiful china, but did not know what to do next with them.  With all the work it took me to find them, I definitely did not want to get rid of them.  What was a girl to do?  It hit me, the flashbacks of rave reviews, uplifting remarks, and looking at the gorgeous baby tea photos.  I wondered, if any other hostess or party planner was having the same problem with their DIY tea party? Maybe, I could in some way. So from then on, I decided to keep my collection, continue collecting, and help those fellow DIY planners.  And there you have it... It's My Tea Party was born.  

Maybe I could help you next? 

Yours truly,

Lady Christiana 'Gerber' Honnet

Ps.  Yes, that's an actual photo from the baby shower tea, circa 2009. :) 

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